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  5. "Nedívejte se tak na mě!"

"Nedívejte se tak na mě!"

Translation:Don't look at me like that!

November 22, 2017



Proč ne? ("Proč neměl bych se dívat")? Edit: Proč bych se neměl dívat?


What is wrong with "Don't look like that at me!"?


FWIW: I am native AmE, and it sounds odd to me... not completely wrong, but a bit odd. Similarly, "Don't talk to me like that" sounds sounds better than "Don't talk like that to me." However, interestingly, "Don't talk like that to me!" sounds less odd than "Don't look like that at me!"

Unfortunately, I can't cite a rule, only make the observation. Perhaps your suggestion could be added as an alternative translation.

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