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  5. "这条蓝色的裤子很好看。"


Translation:This blue pair of pants looks good.

November 22, 2017



'These blue trousers look good' should also work


These = 这些

这条 = "this item" but since we don't use "item/ article" for pants I think "pair of pants" is best here. These/ 这些 can refer to a large number of pants while "this pair/ 这条" specifies this one.


Does that mean there are two pants ? I don't understand english here. I just wrote "these pants..." as i would have written "these trousers"


Is 这些 always used for "these", no matter what classifier the Chinese word normally has?


Of course there's ambiguity here, but we're (thankfully) not forced into 'you all' for 你们 and so on, so it seems a bit harsh not to allow such a natural phrasing.

Or maybe I'm just too lazy to keep on writing out 'pair of' each time when I probably wouldn't say it :)

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This pair of blue pants are good looking should also work


Reported it too. Definately should work


Along the same vein in uk English "this pair of blue trousers are good looking" should be accepted too, reported 06/01/21


It is far too strict on the variations of answers that you can give. I also HATE the fact that it forces me to use American English. It sounds so wrong as a British English speaker.


Haven't heard that a pair "looks" good - maybe I'm ignorant but it's usually said that a pair "look" good -


For a pair, both "look" and "looks" are acceptable. In real life that is; Duo Lingo still insists on only one version, which is infuriating! I find as I progress that Duo LIngo's English translations are getting poorer and poorer.


Please DL accept that some of us call outerwear trousers and undies pants


"blue pair" is odd - pairs aren't blue the pants are.


as well as "This pair of blue pants looks good" or "very good". Technically, as 很 is used, "very" needs to be included.


While "very" should be (and is) accepted here; 很 does NOT strictly = very. See the MANY discussions of this in other threads.


"This pair of blue pants is very good looking" is correct, but was not accepted. Please fix.


great and good are the same thing great should be accepted


Duo suggested an alternate translation without the word "blue". How is that ?


"This pair of blue plants is good looking" should be accepted as a typo


previously "双" was used when referring to a "pair of (pants)"; I expected "这条" would translate better as "these/that/this"


Yes, 条 is a measure word for long objects (dresses pants or else) it does not mean "pair" it's just an English translation. So confusing :(


Was it? I only remember it used for, for example, a pair of shoes. So far as I am aware, Chinese doesn't follow the slightly odd convention of referring to single garments as 'pairs'. And surely it's fine in English (possibly depending on dialect?) to say 'these trousers/pants instead of 'this pair of...'


Yes, you are right.


Why we need to use "pair" here? I think we must use pair when this sentence has "双"?


Yes, 条 is a measure word for long objects (dresses, pants, ribbons, serpents etc) it does not mean "pair". But in English such thing as "pair of pants" do exist, so...

Have you tried "these blue pants"?


No, but "These blue trousers are good looking." = Accepted.: 12 feb. 2020. In this way I also avoid "pair of pants": I hate the translation "pair" if there is only 1 item. [And moreover: "pants" = American English. No, I am not a native English speaker - which can also be seen in the way I indicate the date - but I prefer British instead of American English].


I understand you comletely, but this is a bit hard to use British English here, since DuoOwl is defintely American bird*)


won't accept 'trousers'!! only pants... ??? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Twice the first thing that comes to mind is "This pair of blue pants is very good-looking." That should work too, no? Or if "very" too strong, just "good-looking".


条 means pair, I don't understand.


Shouldn't blue jeans be included as an option? Or is that indicated with a specific character?


牛仔裤 (niúzǎikù) = jeans


This is one of the most infuriating "lessons" I've found! You have to say "blue pair" instead of "blue pants" (poor English), you have to say "looks" not "look" (it's a pair, either is OK), the list goes on...


I'm blue da ba di da ba dai


Should be correct

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