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  5. "Nebudete první ani poslední."

"Nebudete první ani poslední."

Translation:You are not going to be the first or last.

November 22, 2017



"You won’t be first or last" was suggested - is "You won’t be first nor last" bad English?


English typically avoids a double negative. So choose one of the following:
1. You won't be first or last.
2. You'll be neither first nor last.


You will neither be first nor last?


"You will be neither first nor last" is accepted. As in ion1122's comment above, "neither" should be placed before "first." It should not be placed before the verb here.


Sorry, you're right, it should be 'you will be neither first nor last'. Damn my English is going downhill fast. I blame the convoluted word order in Czech :)

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