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Why does the Arabic smiley changes form sometimes at the end?

I cannot type Arabic, but I hope you can get what letter i'm talking about, the one pronounced as /ta/ or just normally "t"

I am not an alpha or a beta tester or whatsoever of the Arabic course which is in the making today. I learned Arabic because of madinaharabic something, something like that.

Nevermind, that smiley letter, has an open mouth as it appears normally in the end, a typical smile. Sometimes, it appears like a "ha" (letter) at the end but with two eyes. Sometimes, it appears with a circle mouth (like the "wow" emoji, the mouth is circle). i think it's koffu, it's close to like that.

All I know is that the smiley when in front, is like a /ba/ but has two dots at the top, at the middle it's like a /ba/ but with two eyes at the top, and at the end, just like /ba/ but has two eyes at the top. I'm curious how come smiley could change into different forms.

P.S: If you could help me (with Arabic examples) , please write your examples with short vowel marks, I couldn't read without those huhuhuhu

November 22, 2017



You mean "ت"? It makes the sound "t" and combines in three forms:

تـ ـتـ ـت

The letter "ة" is a different letter, though in certain cases it turns into "ت." The letter only has two forms, unlike ت:

ة ـة

At the end it typically makes the sound "a," but when things like possessive suffixes are added to a word ending in that, it changes into ت:

‎لغة - language (lug'a)
‎لغتي - my language (lug'ati)


Is there a difference in pronunciation, is that a "ta" now or a "tah" considering the word "hidayah" it has the "enclosed smiley" too

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