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does anyone like the changed duolingo????

quite frankly i hate it, but then i hate it when things on computer change

November 22, 2017



I like the "free" part! :)


I still am missing being able to correspond with people on their streams. Duolingo is currently a great way to learn a language. I think the sense of community has decreased with some of the features that have been removed. If I were new, I'd think it was the best, but having been here for about 5 years, there's a lot of features that I miss from past versions.


I miss Immersion, and I hate how clubs isn't on the computer... I don't want Duo giving me encouragement... oh and I hate ads. But there isn't much to do about it and quite frankly, as long as I'm learning Spanish. Despite it's frequent changes, I haven't found a better place to learn a language.


You can turn off the encouragement in settings and can pay for ads to be removed or use an adblock


How do you turn it off? I didn't see anything in my settings.


Turn ads off or encouragement?

I think only the app has encouragement.

Ad-block is something you will have to find on your computer, I think.


I have read you can turn off the encouragement on Android. I don't think you can on iOS.

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