"I do not think that they will wait."

Translation:Nemyslím si, že počkají.

November 22, 2017

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In what circumstances would one use 'si' with 'myslet' and when not? "Nemyslím, že počkají" was not accepted.


This sentence had only one correct answer for some reason. It now has 16. You are right.

There really is no explainable difference between the use with Si and without.


Kacenka: The use of si and se in Czech is often an unfathomable mystery. Of course we know that reflexive verbs like "divat se" require it's use in the proper sentence position. And also, we will spend the rest of our lives memorizing which reflexive verbs use "si" and which us "se". In addition we have sentences where it can replace "myself". I see it being used in the modules quite a lot with NON reflexive verbs, often relating to individual thought (Myslet, premyslet etc.) Can you give me some guidance regarding this?


But there is the difference in general. For example: in the translation of latin sentence "Cogito ergo sum" "Myslím, tedy jsem" (you cannot use "myslím SI"). So, do not use SI if you are talking about ability.

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