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Are "Type What You Hear" Lessons Coming to Chinese (or do they exist in higher lessons?)

I have been working through the Chinese course, and minus a few quibbles and glitches, and some occasionally lacking hover-over hints, I'm really liking it so far.

One thing I realized just yesterday that I was missing, however, are the "Type what you hear" exercises. I think this is a critical part of what makes DuoLingo useful...listening comprehension is key for learning a language and these exercises push me to do this more so than any one...and it has to be a whole sentence or phrase, not just an isolated word or character.

I'm curious...do these lessons already exist at higher levels? (I've gotten past the second checkpoint and am working on People 1 currently) Or are they not implemented yet at all?

If they're not implemented, is this something that is planned for the future?

I think these would really improve the course, and I feel like by the point I am at in the course I'd be more than ready / able to do these sorts of exercises.


November 22, 2017



I'm on the last section, working on Future. I've worked through every lesson up to this point, never tested out of a section; and so far, I haven't seen a "type what you hear" exercise.

You brought up a really good point. It would be great to have listening exercises like that. The course is still very new and came at a break-neck pace. Maybe more features will be added in time.


I haven't come across any of these in the Japanese course, either. A reason for this might perhaps be that such exercises always have a slow-speed button in which individual words are pronounced separately in series, which might cause the TTS to butcher the tones/readings in Chinese/Japanese to an unacceptable degree.



I have also been practising the Chinese exercices. I have a few questions to which I can't find an answer:

  • How can we know how many characters we've learned so far. Chinese levels are usually divided this way (200 - 400 - 900 - 1200 -..)

-Is it possible to get the flashcards of the characters we've learned so far?

  • How can I know which level I'm at?

Thanks for your answers


I took the course today, and there are now "type what you hear" sections.


I have yet to encounter any such exercises either, but I strongly agree that they would be tremendously useful. This is already quite a high-quality course, so hopefully they'll come with time! :)


Unless you installed software to type in Chinese, it doesn't work. You can't type out Chinese on a QWERTY keyboard as you can with Spanish.


Although entering characters is impractical for most people, typing pinyin would allow “type what you hear” exercises. It would even allow for tone input if we typed numbers after the pinyin, e.g., zhi3dao4

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