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  5. "你今天怎么样?"


Translation:How are you today?

November 22, 2017



Nǐ jīntiān zěnme yàng 你今天怎么样 How are you today

Literally: You today how kind/way/manner/appearance


Thanks so much for the pinyin, I was going to ask for it. :)


I just wrote the correct answer character for character and it marked me wrong. I have checked it many times. First time this happens for me on this site.

This is what I wrote: 你今天怎么样


Ni 我 jintian 今天 zenme 怎么 yang 样 You today how yang

Note that yang has many many meanings, as it is more of a loose concept than a concrete word. It can mean kind (of thing), manner, type, appearance, way, shape, amd a few other meanings.


Thank you for the explanation.

In Chinese you put the symbol for I (我) instead of the symbol for you (你).


Can someone give a literal translation of the last 3 characters? I don't really understand what's going on even though I know what it means now


怎么 means how while 样 in this case translates to 'situation'. '怎么样' is a chinese phrase that means 'how's the situation', ergo 'how are you doing'.


The speech synthesizer is way too fast for a beginner


Are both 你今天怎么样 and 今天你怎么样 correct?


I'm a touch confused on the part that makes it a question. I mean the usual me isn't there... yang perhaps?


Zen3 neans how. How is a question word.


Me is in the sentence look closely 么


Anyone care to go into more depth on yang? As i've read in the comments here it refers to "situation" but apparently can be used in a much broader context? would "thing" potentially be a viable translation? as in how we say in english "How are things?"


样 literally means "form, format, kind, type, class." 怎么, or simply 怎, means "how, like what." 怎么样, or simply 怎样, literally means "like what kind" and therefore "how." Note that 么 doesn't have a concrete meaning, but it can be used to add the sense that the speaker is thinking of/about or considering something.

Similar to 怎样, if you've know what kind, you can use words such as 這样 ("this kind, like this") and 那样 ("that kind, like that").


my answer should have been accepted!


Ni jîntiãn zênme yàng


it said for me " how are things for you today?" when i said “how are things with you today?"


Me, too. The two English sentences are equivalent, so they should both be accepted.


Should I use this or 你好吗?


你好吗, in practice, can sometimes imply that you they they don't look like they're doing good - it could in some circumstances come across as a weird, unprovoked "Hey, are you alright?" So 怎么样 should be your default.


I guess both are acceptable, but in this context 你今天怎么样 ? This means how are you TODAY, meanwhile 你好吗? Means just how are you


The second option you offered would technically just be asking how they are in general. The sentence given in the question would be asking, more specifically, how they are today. I suppose both would be correct, it just depends on what words you feel like choosing.


So what is the answer for 怎么样? Is it 我好?


"How was your day" is apparently wrong, even though there exactly what everyone I've ever heard using this phrase has meant...


Can they speak faster ?its perfect for beginers


Says that "How is your day?" is correct, but in English, I would usually say: "How was your day?" Is there a real difference in translation? I know one is present and the other is past, but it's colloquial.


I accidently muted the microphone srry duolingo :(


I don't speak English, I don't know

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