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Streak Freeze Suggestion

Could we have a feature where we can stock up on Freezes (Max of 5, maybe?), and activate them later?

November 22, 2017



I'm in favour of this idea, although I think it's unlikely they will every implement it as it kinda goes against the spirit of having one, continuous streak. Maybe the extra streaks could be extra expensive, so it would only be worth it for those who have already accumulated a stash? Or maybe you unlock the possibility to have multiple streaks at higher levels of at least one skill? That might also help with the gamification aspect of DuoLingo.


What's the point? So you can use them on vacation in-a-row? I don't think Duo supports the idea, because they said learning a language requires practice everyday.

It would be cool; however, I wouldn't be sure if I ever had enough.

The extra Freezes should cost more lingots.

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