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  5. "한국의 선수단은 가장 좋은 선수단이다."

"한국의 선수단은 가장 좋은 선수단이다."

Translation:Korea's squad is the best.

November 22, 2017



Sometimes Duolingo accepts the most natural translation and other times it requires more literal translations. It seems that when 의 is used it typically wants you to use something like "the squad of Korea" which is not very natural sounding in English but in this case it wanted the more natural translation of "The Korean squad is the best". A bit inconsistent.

That being said, I appreciate all the good work put into this course.


Even the Korean sentence is not natural. It's better without "의"

: 한국 선수단은 가장 좋은 선수단이다.

Not to mention the sentence itself is very cringe.


Better flag it whenever you think some translation is missing or if something sounds unnatural. Thanks for that!


What is the difference between: "최고의" & "가장 좋은"?

My impression is 최고의 is 'best' (as in top performers) and 가장 좋은 means 'favorite' (as in most loved).

Could someone please help to clarify this? Thanks.


Yeah that impression is fine. It's pretty much similar to English as in you can use best and favourite interchangeably but which one to use depends on the sentence itself.


agree, specially their 2002 world cup squad


What does it mean by "squad"? Is it used to mean team? I am familiar with the word, but have never heard it used in relation to the Olympics.

Also, "Korea's squad is the best one" should be an accepted translation.


I think 선수단 really means "delegation of athletes". The choice of Squad or Team (= 팀) rests with the individual.

cycling team . 자전거 팀.

football squad. 축구 팀.

Personally, I would use 팀 when the athletes belong to the same discipline. But I am no expert. :)

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