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If you get a streak freeze, can you still do activity later if you change your mind?

I'm wondering, If you get a streak freeze, can you still do activity later if you change your mind? I might buy a streak freeze (since I have so many lingots and might need one) but what if I end up having time tomorrow to do it? Will it allow me to do a streak freeze or will it save the freeze for later? Thanks!

November 22, 2017



Yeah, a streak freeze automatically kicks in when you don't meet your goal for a day. So if you don't meet your goal five years from now, it will kick in then; or if you don't meet your goal tomorrow, it will kick in then instead. However, once it is used to save your streak, you lose the streak freeze and must buy another one.


I believe everyone should have a streak freeze in place, just in case. Unless you're really low on lingots, but I suppose that will only be a problem right at the beginning of your DuoLingo career.


Yep. :) sooner or later you either get hacked by the lingot fairy or else get a bunch from people or skills


I got a streak freeze once and I think that it will freeze any one day that it thinks you did not do duolingo. I hope this helps! let me know if you have any more questions.


I've had a streak freeze on for about a year now. Never had to use it , but like insurance , hopefully it will be there when I need it.


I like your profile pick mindstorms. Is you favorite animal a koala bear?


Yes, actually it's very handy. Buy it early and then it will kick in when you're not on.

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