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Please make the French written accents LARGER.

I really enjoy using Duolingo. One improvement that would really help me is to increase the SIZE of the written accents in the French program. Sometimes they are so small that I have difficulty discerning which way they are slanted. A larger accent would also draw my attention to them more, and I'd probably learn their placement more quickly. Thanks for considering, and keep up the great content!

November 22, 2017



they won't be larger in the real world, so you have to get used to seeing them that size anyway


Yeah I definitely agree! I always have to zoom in so much to see what they are.


They don't vary that much on the letter a it is à almost everytime the â is pretty rare. On the letter e you have é and è that are very common but the sound is very different like è is like the e in mEn and é sounds like the a in lAke. The ê is sometimes found but not so often . Listen to the sound it should help


or you can always go in VIEW and change the size of the ZOOM to higher a percentage % to see better :)

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