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  5. "Vaši ptáci to nejsou."

"Vaši ptáci to nejsou."

Translation:They are not your birds.

November 22, 2017



Why not «To nejsou vaši ptáci»? How can I guess the meaning of the sentence? To me, it sounds like «Your birds are not that» (which is nonsense, but).


'To nejsou vaši ptáci.' is accepted.


Probably, but that sentence occurred in a Czech-English translation exercise and that was what confused me.

Is that sentence understood correctly by native speakers only because there's only one possible way to interpret it? Or that's a special word order that should emphasize something?


The two sentences are basically interchangeable, with a small difference in emphasis:

'To nejsou VAŠI PTÁCI.' slightly emphasizes 'vaši ptáci', while 'Vaši ptáci to NEJSOU' slightly emphasizes 'nejsou.'

In Czech, we usually place the emphasized part at the end.


Oh, I see, thank you.

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