Why are Tips and Notes not available on mobile?

It seems completely ridiculous to me that the tips and notes available in the browser version of Duolingo can't be accessed at ALL on the mobile apps. I practice almost exclusively on the Android app and only recently discovered that Duolingo even OFFERS tips and notes for lessons!

All of the discussions I've seen about this problem are months or years old, but I want to know why this hasn't been implemented yet. The guesswork required without those notes is nothing short of infuriating at times, and I just don't see the logic in an education app hiding information from mobile users. The other differences between mobile and desktop were tolerable, but this is just insane.

November 22, 2017


I'd like to know the reasoning for this too.

November 22, 2017

Why? Because Duolingo staff holds Tips & Notes in low priority, which, in my opinion, is absolutely ridiculous because the Tips & Notes are the only things on duolingo that teach grammar, which is really important.

I mean, look at the Japanese course for example. Hardly any of the skills have tips and notes. I knew nothing about Japanese when I started the course, so I was extremely clueless, and the loss of tips and notes didn't help. The main reason I wanted Japanese on the web was for tips and notes. And then it came on the web... With no tips and notes. The only Japanese grammar I know comes from other sites, like Japanese pod 101 (it's a great site, by the way, I totally recommend it.) The Japanese course is great, but when Tree 2 comes, I hope it has tips and notes.

November 22, 2017

Believe it or not, I didn't know about tips and notes until like a week ago. I've been on here since late September and I never knew about it for the longest my entire time here, until a little while ago, I was guessing and using hints. For the things I hadn't completely learned yet, I relied on hints, as well as my own brain. Guesswork played a HUGE role in my learning for over a month.....I'm glad I discovered tips and notes though. And I do hope for everyone else's sake that this gets fixed soon.

November 22, 2017

I have always wondered.

I would haved dumped the Irish course after a couple of weeks if not for both the Tips and Notes and the comments in the forum. The Forums are accessable on smartphones, but uncomfortable. But they are not enough.

A friend of mine once tried Spanish. I told him "Do use the web interface to get explanations at least once in a while!". I told him "Do use some external sources to help you understand things!" He said: "No, it is a smartphone app, it must be everything you need!" He discarded Duolingo in frustration a couple of days later. I know that Duolingo claims the 85% or so statistics, but I think it is faulty. For one, I also use the Android app 90% of the time. But I needed the web lessons in order to do that! Besides: How many of the people who use the smartphone app almost exclusively use external sources like books or school classes? The statistics do not cover that question!

As for me, I absolutely hate looking ad words and not understanding them. I hate having to guess why the words look like they and are arranged like they are when all I need is a simple explanation.

November 25, 2017

You can still access tips and notes on a mobile device, you just have to use your phones browser.

November 22, 2017

I tried and it doesn’t work. The mobile web looks sort of like the old app (before the stats bar and health) and has even fewer capabilities. It is missing tips and notes unfortunately.

November 22, 2017

Your mobile browser should have an option in the browser menu to pull the desktop version of the page. The mobile version of the site does suck, but it's at least a workaround.

November 23, 2017

I have never been able to get the Web version of Duolingo on my iPhone or iPad -- I can force Safari to display the non-mobile version for almost every other site, but Duolingo insists on overriding my choice :(

November 23, 2017

Same problem. Duolingo itself has an option I can use to get to the web version of the forum, but for the tree and lessons, that option isn't available.

The Tips & Notes used to be accessible directly from the mobile version, but they wholly changed the mobile version a few months ago, and since then, no luck.

Thomas.Heiss, if I ever care enough, you've given me an idea for something to try, thank you!

November 23, 2017

The normal Android browser (in Bluestacks emulator V4.4) has the same problem.

"Force desktop mode" is completely ignored by DuoLingo and the same compact mobile web view will be displayed, no matter what option you have choosen.

You really need to switch browsers!!!

Firefox on Android was able to use the "force full desktop mode"; I have not tried Chrome. I found that out much later.

But this mode is a tlittle bit buggy.
It only works the first time when it is deactivated.
If you open a website with the force mode already choosen (German: "angehakt"), it will be ignored and does not work.
If you open the website in a new tab, and you select this option, it works.

BTW: If you access the forums, there will be another view showing the big blue menu top list, even with the "mobile compact view" enabled.

November 23, 2017

I cannot see an option to do that. I can see it when I go to the courses page and the discussion forum on mobile, but not when I'm on the tree.

November 23, 2017

Uhm... don't be lazy and make a web search before starting a lesson, there are plenty of websites teaching grammar.

Tips and notes are made by contributors who don't get a single cent from their hard work.

When I was a contributor for the English<=>Spanish courses I worked hard by adding new, funny and challenging sentences. I worried about adding tips and notes. I started making new bonus skills which haven't been published... and at the end they just kicked me out. A lot of hard work and a very poor appreciation for such contribution.

November 25, 2017

"Why" is this? B/c the founding ideology of Duolingo was that it would be a place to learn languages without having to worry about grammar rules. And, well, somehow it seemingly kind of works. 80% of users are on the app, and they're there without Tips & Notes. And the Japanese course has 3.5 million users with no Tips & Notes anywhere. Is it possible to do the Japanese course without any grammar reference? Yes, I can say it is; I did it. Is this the most effective or efficient way to learn Japanese. Of course not.

Supposedly T&N on the app were supposed to come this year... However, when they come, it's been announced it will be in abbreviated form.

November 23, 2017

No clue either.

November 22, 2017
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