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  5. "The email is for you."

"The email is for you."

Translation:Die E-Mail ist für euch.

November 22, 2017



'You' means 'dich' too.


“Die E-Mail ist für dich” should be accepted. Report it if it’s not.


Why is "Diese E-mail ist für Sie" marked incorrect?


That's surprising, it should certainly be in the database. Either way, please report it and it should be accepted soon. It is correct, barring "E-mail"; which should be written "E-Mail".


I thought E-Mail was neuter...oops. Or is there another level I'm missing.


Certainly in German Hochdeutsch you're better off going with "die E-Mail", but "das E-Mail" is a valid alternative according to Duden; however, you'll come across that more in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Das email should be okay because it's a borrowed word. Also, dictionaries say it could be either neuter or feminine.


Das email should be okay

email with a lowercase e is not a German word.

And das Email means something completely different -- that's enamel, not email.

Email in German is E-Mail with a hyphen, and with both E and M capitalised.


Thank you for the clarification. I figured that E-Mail has been around long enough for conventions to have formed.


Why cannot it be adressed for a single person?


It seems that—for whatever reason—the valid translations:

Die E-Mail ist für dich; &
Die E-Mail ist für Sie.

Still haven't been added to the list of accepted solutions. I imagine it might have something to do with the enormous backlog of reports they have to wade through though. Especially considering how few course contributors there are, and that they all do this for free.


Huh? I see those as part of the accepted solutions.


I was simply going off the comments. Usually someone mentions if a rejected solution gets added (or if it was accepted for them).

Though now I think about it, were the two solutions I mentioned not accepted, there'd probably be more than twelve comments in this discussion.

Thanks for checking and setting the record straight.

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