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Newb here... (Japanese)

Hi Light here!

I'm not sure exactly how absolutely everything works on here, but I had a few questions that I hope won't annoy you pros here.

Is there a way I can compete with people or make a group for Japanese learners?

What are Lingots used for?

Are there flashcards? If so how do I use dem?

Again sorry for newbie questions. I haven't been on here in forever and I need some updating.

Thanks in advance.

November 22, 2017



Hello, and welcome to Duolingo! ^^

You can compete with friends and create groups by starting a Club, but you can use Clubs function only on the mobile app of iOS/Android. On the web this feature is currently unavailable. However, if you still want to access it from the web, I recommend installing BlueStacks on your PC https://www.bluestacks.com/ (tho after you download it, it makes your PC lag a lot) and activate Duolingo from there to access Clubs feature. :)

Otherwise, on the web, you can Follow your friends and contemplate their progress from your Home button, on the bottom right corner of the screen. :) That way you can always see which of your friends have earned more XP than you, and which of them are behind you.

Lingots are currently only for streak freezes that can be bought in shop, and for the rise of your own motivation. Sometimes users create contests where lingots are used as a prize. :)

I hope this helps. ^^


Thank you it's really nice of you to tell me. Thank you for being so kind!

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