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German Tree! Is there going to be some new upgrades?

I nearly done with the german Tree, and I wonder, is there going to be some new lesson? I always appreciate the upgrade that you made, and I know that the German tree is very large by now so what I am asking is just a wish that probably isn't going to happen haha. Saying that though I would really love more lessons about prepositions but center in the ones that change the case.I know that that lesson already exists but I would like more like the changes that you made with the lessons of Adj. nom, acc and dat. In that case, you separated the lesson color into more lessons.

I would also love a lesson of - Halloween -Personality traits -And more complex sentences when introducing complicated tenses like Conditional Perfect, because the grammar I think would be easy to remember with sentences more complete, that give a good example when the tense is used.

I am not complaining or anything like that is just a humble suggestion or wish :D

Thanks before hand!! :D

November 22, 2017


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You may want to try www.lingvist.com , they cover more words than Duolingo. It can serve as a good next step.

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That is a terrible sentence. ;-)


I am not looking forward to any new mass upgrades on the German tree because I finished the tree two times and had to start again to finish.

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