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Using courses from another language than English screws up my homepage

I've noticed that, if I try to subscribe to a course which is in a medium language other than English, it screws up my homepage and hides all my from-English courses.

The only solution I can find for this is to sign up with a second Duolingo account. I've done this with Catalan and Guarani, both of which are only available as Spanish-medium courses. So there's a tip for you if you are dealing with this problem.

November 22, 2017



On the desktop page, it should not hide your other courses. The other courses should be shown as a separate category outside of courses for Spanish speakers. On the mobile version, it does hide them, but clicking on the plus button to add a course and readding one of your courses for English speakers will make your other courses show up again.


No. What made you think that though? I feel somewhat flattered.


Your on almost every post with an answer. My fault.


Duolingo only displays language courses you can learn from the language you select as your starting language. For example: I have an English from Arabic course that does not show up unless I change over to learning from Arabic.


Do you mean on the app? They implemented a course-switcher a few months ago that should have all your course from all base languages. To access it, you have to be somewhere other than the Discussion or Words tabs, though.

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