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Hindi progression

I noticed Hindi went up to 91% after almost years of standing still. and still.... even though it is 91% it is predicted to be realiste on first of april. Is that still the case of wrong counting the progress (happened before to hindi) or is the release date wrong ?

November 22, 2017



The release eta is just based on the automatic calculation of the percentage completion of sentences but when these are manually calculated the eta is likely to be wildly out. Even when automatically calculated it is only a guide as there are lots of housekeeping tasks that need to be done before release into beta.


At their working rate, we might get Hindi for Christmas!


That would be a nice gift from Duo.


Finnish entering the Incubator would also be a nice gift.

patiently waits for December 6


That would be amazing, not just nice.


i know only 2 words in hindi my percentage would be like 0.001 % Namaste and Shub Ratri

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