"His mother loves reading English books the most."


November 22, 2017



Can't you leave 的 out?

December 2, 2017


with parents and relatives usually don't use 的

December 3, 2017


Shouldn't it be 英文书? I may be wrong but I thought 语 was for speaking and 文 was for writing/reading.

August 3, 2018


The blocks are unnatural, and the wrong words are together.

November 22, 2017


So... you put 最 Before the verb and not at the end like in English? Sentence structure S+最+V+O? [His mother + most + love read + English book = literal translation]

March 11, 2018


你没错!最 Is a superlative (-est) marker and preceeds the adj/verb to show its the -est.. 最大 biggest/最小 smallest.

Following your train of thought, 最喜欢 would be favourite, or "most liked"..

我最喜欢吃臭豆腐 I most like to eat stinky tofu/Stinky tofu is my favourite (thing to eat).

Follows much the same pattern with many other words or turns of phrase.

最好(的什么) The best (most good) something 最大(的国家) The biggest (most big) country 最高(的山) The tallest (most tall) mountain 最新(的书) The newest (most new) book 最近 Recently (most near/recent)

Check out the Chinese Grammar Wiki page for a way better attempt at explanation than mine! https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Superlative_%22zui%22

April 27, 2018


It shouldn't be translated as English books, because an American book written IN ENGLISH is also a 英语书.

June 10, 2018


Yes, "in English" should be a better translation here.

September 7, 2018


Is ai ever actually used in this context?

April 4, 2019


My teacher tells me love/爱 is only for people, not books and things. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but she has spoken Chinese for her entire life.

September 17, 2018
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