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das die and der

how do you know the difference

November 22, 2017



The best tip came from Mhre1. It does not really exist any rule to recognize the gender of nouns in German, as for example in Polish. So it helps to learn all nouns always together with their appropriate article. This is important, because of the cases and because you have to conjugate other word types according to the correct gender.

Sadly, if you want to learn some other languages like Spanish, French or Italian, you have to do the same again, because the gender of the nouns differs often between all these languages.


Yeah, so mostly you have to figure it out by yourself. You can learn it on your own because it show as a Pattern

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You have to learn new nouns always with the appropriate article otherwise you will get trouble for ever.


It's based on the gender of the noun.


Yes, I agree with JOAT2B.It's based on the gender of the noun.


They need to be memorised. Memrise is better for cramming and complements Duolingo very well in this regard, imho.

Furthermore, You can use the following list of word endings and their associated gender as a rough guide:

masculine: -ig , -ling, -or, -ismus

Feminine: -ei, -keit, -ung, -tät, -ik, -heit, -schaft, -ion

neuter: -um, -lein, -tum, -ma, -ment, -chen

This list itself can be pressed into three Mnemonics. Memorise these three words, and you should be fine most of the times:

Der Iglingorismus

Die Eikeitungtätikheitschaftion

Das Umleintummamentchen

Of course, being mnemonics, these make no sense otherwise - Though I didn't check the Nachtigaller Dictionary.

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