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Duolingo Suggestion: Trophies

How do you guys feel about having a little trophy case on our profiles?

Maybe the trophies could get a little dingy or dusty when the tree needs strengthening, to encourage folks to keep their trophies clean (up-to-date).

What do you think?

November 22, 2017



Cool feature idea! We could see the strength of the whole tree that way. It'd be cool to look at, too, and we would be able to see which trees a user has completed!

If anybody has anything against this feature (I don't see why it wouldn't be great), please comment so I can see if there is any problem with it!

If there is going to be a trophy, it better be gold xD


Thank you! I was thinking it would be the same one that we get when we finish the tree. It could be a link too, so you can click it to go directly to the tree.


Yup, a link would be cool. You could access the trees easily. Great idea!


I support this idea as well!


maybe they'll add something like this after they finish rolling out achievements to everyone's profile~


I like it. Also, the lingot glitch may have occurred again.


I was wondering what happened there... I was like wow these guys are really enthusiastic! LOL


It is a really good idea, though; it works out 'perfectly'!


That is a damn lot of lingots you have just received there! I think it might just be someone who is generous!


It's probably already coming, I'm certainly expecting it and some events over the past months kinda indicate that Duolingo has been working towards it (I can be mistaken obviously). But with more than just trophies alone, like a "plus badge" or whatever for those who have paid for "plus". Looking at the recent change to the moderator "badges", I'm expecting "user badges" to use the same template, such as the little icon the bottom of your avatar.and maybe a little text next to your username i.e. "plus".

This is for a large part speculation though, but I had suggested this, with a link to monetization in the past not to mention that it's a rather "obvious" thing to do. If his isn't something Duolingo is at least testing to implement - why would they have changed the moderator icons? Plus if you examine the "mod" next to the name of mods and in their avatar it says "avatar-badge ambassador-2" and "badge-mod". Which does sort of point towards the potential of "badges" for users in the future. I might rather be seeing what I want to see in it though.

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