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  5. "昨天晚上他请了我跳舞。"


Translation:He invited me to dance last night.

November 22, 2017



"He invited me to go dancing last night." should be accepted. Otherwise, it should be "He asked me to dance last night."

"He invited me to dance last night." is unnatural.


I think "He invited me to dance last night." is natural and makes sense. In fact, I use it a lot to talk to my family in Chinese and English.


"He invited me to dance last night" is unnatural unless you are being invited to dance on a stage as a performer.

If two people are going out to dance for fun, it should be "he invited me to go dancing."


I don’t see anything wrong with he invited me to dance, I am a native English speaker. If they are already at a party at the time he asked her to dance, you wouldn’t say ‘he asked me to go dancing’ - all in the context, but it does make sense.


Yes. Unless that he is a showbiz owner and the speaker is a dance performer.


But then it wouldn’t be “invited to dance”, it would be ‘asked’


Last night he asked me to dance - doesn't this work?


"asked" is now accepted.


"Last night" is a perfectly reasonable translation to "晚上," as is "evening"


shut up and dance with me! doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ooh ooh


"He invited me out dancing last night" didn't work, but I think that it should.


Seems a bit broken "Yesterday evening he invited me to dance" didn't work


The female voice for "了" always sounds like "liao" to me instead of "le".


It usually is. Shouldn't be. They need to fix that.


Qing here means "invite" while in other case it means "please" right??


"He invited me to dance" is not a good English sentence--it's not the way it would usually be said. In fact its meaning is unclear: did he see me at the bar and ask me to dance with him? did he see me sitting down and encourage me to get up and dance with everyone? did he ask me on a date to go out dancing?


It maybe a bit "formal" and as was stated "asked" would be the more common phrasing in English, but it is good English and is unclear because without context the Chinese is also "unclear" with a broad range of possible specific meanings. That's just how Duo works.


"Last night, he asked me out to a dance." should be valid too.


It said he invited me to the dance last night


Is 请 really used as a verb like this in daily Chinese or this this very formal language like when using 贵 to mean "your" as in 贵司 and 贵国?


It is, and in this usage it is not necessarily related to politeness or respect, but simply "asking" someone to do something. Paying for the event too is usually implied.


last night he invited me to dance. should not be denied


"He invited me to dance last evening." = Rejected: 19 dec. 2019. I reported it.


Would the Chinese sentence be understood as him asking me last night or as him asking me out (at some point in time) for a date that took place last night?


Invite for a dance


请 (qǐng) = to ask/to invite/please (do sth)

跳 (tiào) = to jump/to hop
舞 (wǔ) = to dance/to wield
跳舞 (tiào wǔ) = to dance

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