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I'm confused about some lessons

I was doing lessons (I think the two lessons "food") and now I'm very cofused about "much" "not much" "not not much" hahaha

Can someone explain it to me? If possible, explain each word that is used in Duolingo to express this kind of adverb. Thanks :D

[sorry about my English, it is not my first language; please correct my mistakes :) ]

November 22, 2017



Which words, in particular, are you confused about?


In particular, I am confused about phrases like: おさけはまったくおおくないですよ。(There is not too much alcohol, you know.) I think I read more phrases like that, but I can't remember or find it now. Duo said まったく is "not too much" and おおくない is also "not too much". It is very confusing to me hahaha two negative expressions in one phrase.

I think I don't understand the following sentece too: コーヒーはすくなくないです。(There is enough coffee) What I understand is: there is not only a bit of coffee, so it means that have a good quantity of coffee ("enough coffee"). But I don't know if it is wrong to think in this way.

Another point is: I don't understand the difference between the words あまり, けっこう, とても and たいへん. I don't know if they are really synonyms or there are particular cases to use each one. I think it is one of the reasons that I am struggling to understand this skill, because I don't know when I use, for example, "とてもすくない" or "おおくない".

I hope I had expressed myself well and thanks for helping xD


Your English is great! I'm at level 13 in Italian and I can barely say what you wrote in Italian. I know the levels don't always match up perfectly, but that's still really good!


Thank you a lot, Tushar!

Actually, most of the grammar and vocabulary that I know I didn't learn on Duolingo, but it helps me with some words and expressions :)

About Italian, you are level 13, I suppose you have already finished the Italian course tree, have you ever tried to do the Inverse Tree (English from Italian - if you are learning Italian from English)? I think it can help you :D I did this with English and I learned some new words. I'm planning to do same with the Japanese course because I'm close to the end of the tree (I think I finish it in one week).

I would do it with Esperanto course, but I think Duo doesn't have English from Esperanto... or it does? hahaha

Thanks xD

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