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Duolingo increase Lingot Store?

Duolingo, I have a lot of lingots and I bet everyone esle aswell to. But not to pressure, is it possible to increase the activesize in the near future? Like mini games that can imeruse you into the language. Maybe more extra options like changing duo's facial features. Maybe even poles or language debating communities?

I don't know for sure because I getting this from the top of my head, but the lingots are really not worth anything, and I want to see them put to good use.

November 22, 2017



Yea! That is a good idea. Duolingo devs should do this!


I SO agree! There's a math website my Seventh grade teacher uses that gives us points when we get questions right and those points we can use on time for mini games on the website! When I went into the Store, I honestly expected a couple mini games.


I will take any lingots you have I want to see how many I can get thanks.


tweet this to duolingo. Everyone concerned should keep tweeting that they need to work on their store


Yup, that would be a cool idea!

Note: If anybody wants a mini-game on Duolingo, I think it should be a language-learning one...

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