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  5. "这个周末你有没有时间?"


Translation:Do you have time this weekend?

November 23, 2017



"Do you've time this weekend" is very unnatural. In English we don't elide 'you' and 'have' in this context. "Do you have time this weekend?" is a better translation.

Also. "Are you free this weekend?" should be accepted.


Actually, "Are you free?" is best translated as "你有空嗎?" (Ni you kong ma?) I also think that's the most natural way in Chinese to ask if someone has time! Perhaps a Chinese speaker can tell us whether "有時間" is idiomatic in Chinese or is it a too literal translation from English?


This is the first time I'm seeing 有没有。If it is similar to 是不是 ,can this question be asked: "Don't you have time this weekend " ?

那是不是你的妻子 ?= Isn't that your wife?


Yes in English "Do you A or not?" can often sound rather intimidating but in Chinese it is natural.


Do you have free time this weekend?


Free time implies leisure time, what if you are asking a mechanic to look at your car this weekend?


Yes, 时间 = time whereas 空(闲) = free time. 空 literally means "empty / space / air"


Is there a big difference between saying “有沒有” and just adding “嗎” at the end of the sentence?

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