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  5. "饭馆的左边是医院。"


Translation:The hospital is to the left side of the restaurant.

November 23, 2017



"The hospital is left of the restaurant." is the same as "The hospital is to the left of the restaurant." in English. I think it should be accepted >.>


Of course it should, the translations are getting very poor


If you would say the first sentence in some English speaking country, people would not understand what you and would be frustrated thinking that they are a fool.


No because thet does mot mean the same thing Huahua852766


Your first sentence, in English, conveys more that there is the left of the restaurant, and the right. i.e., there is east of the restaurant and there is west. You are saying that the hospital is in that left area, rather than the right area. The second sentence speaks more to the hospital and the restaurant being in relation to one another. One would expect the hospital and the restaurant to be somewhat close to one another. However, both sentences would get you to the A&E. :)


You overcomplicated this. OP is correct that both are sentences are equatable and can be accepted both ways in English.


So if I say the water fountain is to the left of the bench, I would not expect them to be next to each other? Both are in relation with one another. There is no difference between them.


"The hospital is on the restaurant's left" Could this be used also?


Why is it using 是 here instead of 在?


The sentence is describing what is on the left side of the restaurant, instead of the location of the left side of the restaurant.

饭馆的左边是... To the restaurant's left side is...

If we used 在: 饭馆的左边在... The restaurant's left side is at...


I see that now. But damn, should it be explained in a more simplified way?


Zai is in relation to humans

I am not sure though


That's incorrect. Zai can be used for objects too. However, we are all still learning here. It's okay to make mistakes!


I put "on the left of the restaurant is the hospital" and it said it was WRONG? How come?


What abou "On the left side of the restaurant, there is a hospital"?


your logic is correct, but that's a different sentence. Your translation would be ”饭馆的左边,有一个医院。“ 有= "There is"


So how exactly does this sentence using 是 differ from one using 在 then?


You use 是 to talk about WHAT the building is, 在 woud tell WHERE it is. In this sentence, we're assuming people already know there's something to the left of the restaurant. We are defining what that thing is.


I agree with you


Why is the hospital and restaurant reversed?

[deactivated user]

    This is how tourists get turned around and are led down a creepy back alley where they are probably never heard from again....


    Especially in Shanghai.


    It says "The hospital is to the left side of the restaurant" and "The restaurant is to the left of the hospital" are both correct... nonsense! No way to report it so I checked all the boxes even though none of them apply.


    Weird, maybe they are looking a them with a different point of view XD


    had put 'the restauarant is on the left of the hospital' it marked right but other given translation was 'the hospital is to the left of the restaurant' i dont see how they can both be on the left?


    Perhaps they face in opposite directions, do-si-do? LOL, ridiculous!


    I put in "To the restaurant's left, there is the hospital." as the translation for this sentence. Is it an acceptable translation?


    Maybe if you omit the "there" it would be more accurate: "To the restaurant's left is the hospital".


    not really as it's saying left side


    I wrote, "The left side of the restaurant is a hospital"...


    To the left of the restaurant is a hospital. "The left side of the restaurant is a hospital", implies the hospital is located inside the restaurant.


    me too, and i still don't know why it isn't right


    I wrote same with you.


    Why not: "The restaurant is to the left of the hospital" ?


    I agree, in the introduction it explains it that way. So not sure why it does not approve of this answer.


    Then it is also correct that the restaurant is to the right of the hospital. Dui bu dui?


    It's true logically, but it's not what the sentence says if that's what you're getting at.


    What if one wanted to say the left side of the restaurant is a hospital? Implying the buildings are combined in some way.


    the restaurant is to the left of the hospital - my answer marked correct but how can this possibly be the same meaning as the alternative correct answer given? "the hospital is to the left of the restaurant"? Nonsense!


    "The restaurant's left" is NOT the same as "To the left of the restaurant". The front of the restaurant is facing you when you get there, so you have to think "Which 'left' is the restaurant's left if this is the front?". If the hospital IS on the restaurant's left, then it would actually be to the RIGHT of the restaurant.

    ...They need to properly rethink some of these questions.

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    饭馆的左边是医院 and 医院在饭馆的左边. Is it equal or not? The hospital is next to? Or maybe it is to the left and 5 minutes by car, for example? I am a bit confused, please help


    Why does "The left side of the restaurant is the hospital" not equal to "The hospital is to the left side of the restaurant"?


    "The hospital is left to the restaurant." Should be right too.


    Shouldn't 'The left side of the restaurant is the hospital' accepted too?


    How can both places be on the left side?


    I wrote: The restaurant is to the left side of the hospital. Duolingo says that my translation is also good! ???


    "the left side of the restaurant is the hospital" was marked wrong. reported


    What everyone says. Worth revising?


    The restricted non english speaking translation is making me want to stop and delete this app.


    Man it took me three times to get this but i did it in the end


    I just entered the correct answer word for word and was marked wrong.


    I put "The restaurant is to the right of the hospital" which, in this case, is correct.


    Correct one: The hospital (Or hospital) is on the left side of the Restaurant. Smth


    "to the restaurant's left side is the hospital" was wrong but "On the restaurant's left side is the hospital." is correct.


    the hospital is on the left of the restaurant could work too?


    'on the left' should also be accepted


    "the hospital is to the restaurant's left" should be right too, correct?


    "The restaurant is left of the hospital"


    To use 是 here is grammatically incorrect. It should be 饭馆的左边有医院。 To me, using 是 here makes it sound like the left of the restaurant is identical to the hospital, as opposed to 有 — the left of the restaurant "has" a hospital (though of course it wouldn't be said that way in English).


    In english this seems to be implying that the restaurant is the left side (and therefore part of) the hospital and not really beside the hospital


    I understand this Chinese sentence well, but I am not an English native, isn't "at the left of the restaurant ....." correct ? Or "on the left" ?


    "At the left side" would work but just "at the left" doesn't seem quite right to me. "On the left" and "on the left side" are perfectly natural. "To the left" is also fine. "To the left side" only works for motion "please move to the left side"; you'd probably never hear a native English speaker say "the hospital is to the left side of the restaurant".


    I put "The restaurant is left to the hospital."


    This should be accepted.


    The hospital is to the left of the restaurant (without side) should be accepted


    Restaurant's left side is the restaurant. Literal translation


    Shouldn't 'The left side of the restaurant is the hospital' accepted too?


    "on the left" sounds better in English


    I'm curious as to the distinction between 饭馆的左边是医院 and 医院在饭馆的左边 ... they describe the same situation but I guess the word order conveys some subtle meaning, e.g. "to the left of the restaurant is the hospital" and "the hospital is to the left of the restaurant"


    To the left side of the restaurant is the hospital. please tell me why this is wrong


    I entered "To the left side of the restaurant is the hospital", I think this should be accepted as a correct answer as well. Or am I wrong?


    This question also accepted this answer: "The restaurant is to the left of the hospital“. I believe that this answer contradicts the correct answer, and so should not be accepted.


    Im used to using 有 jnstead of 是 in this sort of sentence. Is there a difference?


    It did not accept "The hospital is to the left of the restaurantS" (Note the plural of restaurant)


    I feel like the answer is incorrect.Let's say you are in the resturant, then hospital should at your left side.


    Why is this sentence translated differently than , for instance, The dog is to the right of the doctor?


    So wrong in how this is translated from the English


    Thats what I wrote


    On the left side is more correct that to the left side in English


    Why it can't be "The left side of the restaurant is the hospital"?


    Again the exact English equivalent of Duolingo's translation. The translations may chase me away from Duolingo


    "there is a hospital to the left side of the restaurant" is accepted.


    I put restaurant is on the left, still not figuring out the order of the words properly, takes time i guess


    The hospital is left of the restaurant" is also grammatical correct English.


    The restaurant is to the left side of the hospital . I don't see why it marked wrong


    2 YEARS LATER and they still have not fixed it.


    Omitting the word "on" causes it to be WRONG?????


    On the left side of .... The left side of ... (Duolingo considers it WRONG)


    Yes, many correct sentences are considered wrong. I have just reported it.


    DL! THe English and Chinese are two different languages with different grammar. The sentence that you consider the right one is very confusing.


    Translate completely backwards order.


    Isn't the closer translation is "The left of restaurant is hospital"? Isn't "the left side of restaurant" being describing here, rather than location of hospital?


    Why are the subjects reversed?


    Imagine a buiding split in two by a wall in one side (left) restorant in the other (right ) an hospital the restaurant has an hospital at the left.the correct answers is thath the hospital was is and will bee in the same place at the left of the restaurant if different we are wrongly studying quantum physics not chinese


    I recently came back to this lesson as a practice and this one always throws me off, even now! Now that I am revisiting this, I am seeing more people commenting on it as well. I think that it's just a different way of expressing, just poorly placed in the lesson.


    I assure you that if hungry or ill no one will be wrong huahua


    "The hospital is on the left side of the restaurant" should also be correct.


    "The left side of the restaurant is the hospital" should be acceptable.


    "The left side of the restaurant is the hospital" should be acceptable


    My answer: "The left side of the restaurant is the hospital."

    Why is my answer wrong?


    The locations are swapped??


    The answer is reversed. It should read "The restaurant is to the left of the hospital."


    I don't think that's right. The literal translation is "The left side of the restaurant is a hospital." It sounds more like it's saying the hospital is on the left and the restaurant on the right.


    In Mandarin, the subject of the sentence always comes first. In this case, the subject here is "the left side of the restaurant."

    饭馆的左边 - The restaurant's left side (subject)

    是医院 - is the hospital (verb)

    The correct answer given might be confusing because it uses "The hospital" as the subject of the sentence.


    it's not confusing so much as it's a bad translation.


    Delighted to be taught best English as well!

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