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  5. "Čekám na jejího muže."

"Čekám na jejího muže."

Translation:I am waiting for her husband.

November 23, 2017



So what is the right way. I did not ask for the English translation, just what I was hearing in CZ


I do not understand your question.


"I am waiting on her husband." Is this not also an acceptable translation?


That would not be good English I guess. I am waiting FOR my friend, I wait FOR something to happen, I wait FOR the bus to arrive...


Suppose Mary is a server in a restaurant. During the day, she waits ON patrons (she takes their order and serves their food). After work, she sits a while waiting FOR her husband to pick her up.


Please do not answer every discussion where somemone mentions "wait on". There are too many of them.

to wait on is and will be accepted


I promise not to comment elsewhere as well. But "wait on" is correct English. Aside from the serving meaning ie what waiters do, wait on can also be used where there is a subsequent action. Compare "I'm waiting for my wife to get dressed", with, "I'm waiting on my wife getting dressed before we go to the pub". It also has a similar technical function eg computers wait on code flags before carrying out the next function.

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