"Čechy nejsou země."

Translation:Bohemia is not a country.

November 23, 2017

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Nejsou, rather than není? Interesting.


Čechy is a plural-only noun.


What is the underlying historical reason for that?


I don't know, but Čechy being a plurale tantum is not that unusual. There are many toponyms that have plural form only; including older names for (Lower and Upper) Austria: (Dolní a Horní) Rakousy, Hungary: Uhry, Franconia: Franky and so on.


It is, though. It's not an independent state, but it absolutely is a country. The two are not synonymous: for example, the United Kingdom is a single state, composed of three countries (England, Scotland, and Wales), part of one (northern Ireland), and perhaps numerous others as well (depending on how you classify Cornwall, which has a distinct identity and history from the rest of England, and the many many smaller islands).


It is only a historical country! The politic division of the Czech Republic is very different from the United Kingdom. Země Česká https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zem%C4%9B_%C4%8Cesk%C3%A1 was abolished in 1948. Since that time Czechoslovakia and the Czech republic was divided into much smaller districts (kraje and okresy).

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