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Does the "slow" dictation option go away at a certain level?

I'm up to Adverbs-3 in French, and suddenly the slow option for the dictation doesn't work. Is this by design, or is there a glitch with the French lessons? My husband has encountered the same problem. Thanks.

November 23, 2017



This is happening in many courses this week.
You can write a bug report via


It's happening to me in French, Portuguese, and German, but not (yet) in Spanish, Italian, or Swedish. It seems to be spreading, though -- it started with just French!


Slow playback isn't working for me either in French


I have not noticed this yet and I am a slow learner.


The slow option works for me on both the FR-Eng and Eng-Fr .

I tried adverbs-3 and it is working.


It wasn't working for me in German. I switched to Welsh where it was working and when I went back to German it was working again. Seems like a bug to me.


I've had the same problem - my slow speech option is no longer working. Also on my iphone I've been zapped right back to the beginning and lost all achievements - it doesn't know me any longer! Is there some glitch in the programme? It is very infuriating.

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