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Suggestion for new lab

I love how the stories are going! I think that another good idea would be to use the current voice recordings and smash them together into a mega recording (for each topic) of the word in Greek then the word in English. Also it would be helpful for them to be displayed too. And maybe you could have it wait a second so you could repeat it.

Example (greek):

He, she or it is - ειναι

"ειναι - He or she is. Ειναι η γυνικα - she is the woman " {pause for repetition}

I am - ειμαι

"ειμαι - I am. Ειμαι η Ελενι - I am Ellen " {pause for repetition}

and so on and so forth.

That way I could listen to it in bed or on the walk to school or in the car or literally anywhere that I can't look at my phone or computer.


November 23, 2017



So you want a Hands-Free Duolingo? Absolute support. Mango Languages has this feature and it's really nice, so I'd love to see it on Duolingo!


Definitely! Maybe a "hands-free" Doulingo is a lot, but I would be satisfied with simply a recording of all new words with examples from the lesson. Like the word with an example and then said in English. I also found when I put it on while I sleep it rests my mind and makes me fall asleep lol so that would help too. There are a lot of resources for say Spanish and French but almost none for Greek or any other less well-known language. Also, hats off to you for so many languages! How good are you at any one?



I would love new languages added to stories as they spend more time developing languages in Duo. Italian would be a plus! I hope they're spending time on working on this area.

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