"A book or a pencil"

Translation:책 또는 연필

November 23, 2017

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What the heck this is confusing


How come is this confusing to you too???


How is this confusing to you


tbh i need to know the structure of the sentences :( i feel like im just guessing the order...


the structure of a korean sentence is basically like "subject", "object" and "verb":)


In this question, it's the same structure as in English. The word for Book, the word for Or, and then the word for Pencil.

But like all the other comments have been saying, Korean is structured in the manner of SOV—Subject Object Verb.

English, on the other hand, is SVO—Subject Verb Object.

An example sentence in English: I eat apples. In this sentence, the Subject (which is basically the 'doer' of the sentence, so "I") Verbs ("eat") the Object (which is what's being acted upon, "apples").

But in Korean, the verb comes AFTER the object. In English, it would look like this:

I apples eat.

Sounds weird, huh? But that's just how it works in Korean, and other Asian languages like Japanese. It takes some getting used to, but eventually it will start to feel more natural.


Thanks you helped a lot


if you're getting confused, start from the beginning (or review the contents) and wrote the notes in a notebook


Is 또는 and 하고 both used for or ??


No, "또는" means "or", whereas "하고" means "and".


Is any ARMY here? If Namjoon can learn English for ARMYs then why can't ARMYs learn Korean for BTS & Namjoon? We can do it!!


But I heard that "과 & 와" means "and" what about that?


와 comes after a vocal e.g. 남자와 과 comes after a consonant e.g. 책과 Both mean "and"


chaeg ttoneun yeon pil 책 또는 연 필


Korean is fun to listen but little tough to learn lol


As I try to use logic to figure this out, I feel the learner is thrown a red herring by being given translations of "a," when it is not needed. Perhaps it would be better to put the indefinite articles and nouns together on dotted lines. A book - or - a pencil And then translate each segment.


How are you learning so many languages!!!!


good question... howwwwwww?


Agree... I'm getting confused continuously. It's too frustrating


Honestly Korean Unnie is the best Korean teacher online :\ Are we all here bc of kpop?


I think most of us are. I personally am hear to understand k-dramas and Kpop


I mean yes.... but also more than that. But being totally honest, yes. #STAY


Yep. I am a big fan of kpop, kdrama and anything related to South Korea .


kpop is the best I like blackpink.


Nope, because of k-dramas


why is everyone so confused lmao


bc it's difficult . your here bc of bts aswell?




i dont have the characters to do this


By going to the language settings on your phone you can install the korean keyboard. If you you're on a pc there's also an option to do this.


here because of army- go V!!!


i feel like it would of been easyer if it gave you more practise


Luckily, you've got 5 levels of practising to do! I'd recommend writing down new words, too, along with the ones you struggle remembering most.


Omg why can I not do this? I feel like I'm just guessing. I need to know the order of the words, like is it noun first or verb first I don't know. I'm learning this for two reasons, 1, I've always been interested in the language and wanted to learn it and 2, Kpop. Like it would just make everything easier. Is this app good enough to learn Korean or should I use something else?


hi i know its late but if you are having a problem with grammar. you can go to how to study Korean. They have lessons and vocab to go with it. Their lessons are structure and really nice for beginners and has helped me learn the grammatical rules. found Duolingo is good for recaps and practice. hopefully this helped some one.


I think its SOV like the Hungarian and Turkish languages


I dont think i ever learned ㅊ or ㅍ


Deberían de poner la pronunciación y insistir un poco mas en eso, no enseñarte la palabra una vez y meterte frases con palabras que ni te acuerdas. Si no me pones la pronunciacion no puedo conectar las letras con los simbolos para que me tenga mas sentido. Por mucho que sepas pronunciarlo (que no lo sabes bien porque no te lo ponen) si no sabes que compone la palabra no va ser facil escribirlo. Deberias de revisar esto,porque es bastante frustrante no saber ni que lees ni que escuchas ni nada.


Te recomiendo que completes los 5 niveles de cada círculo que enseña las letras para que puedas practicar mucho en los sonidos de los símbolos y cómo se parecen. Al final de eso, si todavía no los sabes suficiente bien para leer aún un poco de estas oraciones a por lo menos lentamente, tal vez puedas encontrar una manera en otra aplicación o sitio web en cuál puedas practicar más.

También deberías escribir las símbolos de las letras y cómo se suenan en las letras de español a la derecha, y cuando encuentras estas oraciones toma cada palabra paso por paso en pronunciarlas.

Pero antes del final del nivel de 5 deberías saber la pronunciación suficiente bien imo. La práctica es muy clave!


I didnt know this area here existed. Also if you are me who already took Latin in school its a little easier tonunderstand sentence structure. So far in my learning the only con I have against this app is i cannot process word when spoken at a quick pace. It would be absolutely beautiful if there was a speed button and a repeat button so you can choose to hear it a few times over and over until you turn the repeat button off. I know mentioning all that here isnt going to help but I already mentioned it on the review. I jus tthought to start a conversation to hear others thoughts and ideas. Also the korean keyboard download for my fun is and was a huge help. Not only can i use it to learn here but also I can learn by searching things else where all over the internet. I saw someone mention it can be downloaded on computer. I would have to look into that.


If you're on mobile (and probably the desktop site too, I reckon), you can tap the little blue megaphone symbol


Why does or have the topic marker 는?


it isn't a topic marker. 또는 is a word for "or"


It says a typo?


I dont understand this word typo


Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to know what the Korean word say? Im not having a hard time listening to the word and knowing what it is, but im having a hard time looking at the word with no sound and knowing the difference between a word and another word. Please help this stupid soul out! T0T!


I have all the characters of hangul and what sound they make written down in a notebook so I can go back and look at the pronlunciation for each character in a word, for example if I wanted to know the difference between 짐 and 책 I can look back at my notes and see that 짐 is pronounced like "jeem" while 책 is pronounced like "chayk"


I truly wish that you would give the audio for each question or phrase. For example, with this one, no audio was given. Thank you.


They don't build you up with SOV very well. Remember, you say what the sentence is about first, then the descriptor, then the action. If it was eng it would sound like "The dog very quickly eats" even when it asks for "the dog eats very quickly". Not applicable to this book and pencil sentence but keep it in mind


my brain can't handle this why is it so confusing


tbh duolingo is not the best app to use when learning a language like korean, i used it to memorize the characters then found other means before coming back here again. i would reccomend talktomeinkorean.com (TTMIK) they have free lessons and you can download their materials and also koreanunnie on youtube.


Can somebody tell me the difference between 책 and 책을? I also want to know when I put the spaces in between. I thought you don't need any spaces before 하고(and). Then why do I need it before 또는(or).


Doesn't matter that A is there or not like in english that's really important!


if you are having trouble pronouncing some of them like i am try looking at the romanized versions online they help me sooo much


I am not yet done


It not coming sound


What A!!!!!!!!!!!


Im new to korean im from india


I don't know how to do this


Any specific question?

Otherwise, start with learning how to read. There are several youtube videos that can teach you that.

After that, just do the lessons at your own pace. Make errors, review, make more errors. It'll start to stick at some point.


I'm not sure if this is right. Because, when you say "a" before subject you need to use 이/가 on translation. Exemple: 연필이


Not really.

The use of articles in English is unrelated to the use of subject or object particles in Korean. This sentence chunk is a bit ambiguous as it does not contain any verb, object or subject.


Maldo andwae i still dont know vocabularies how can i even know what it means to translate?


can someone tell me the difference between ㅂ and ㅍ please? i thought pencil was spelled 연빌 but its actually 연필


ㅂ sounds more like b and ㅍ sounds like p You should look on youtube for the pronunciation though because romanization isnt something you should depend on for long


Is this formal or informal


This is really unatural. You should say 책 아니면 연필.


Why this lessons doesn't have tips like others languages? Sometimes I feel like i'm guessing the answer


The word which you are learning in the down of that word you will find a line tap on that that line and you will understand it's meaning


ㅋㅋㅋ Bingung banget disini


TBH I try and try but I can't learn anything out of duolingo it's just too hard and doesn't make sense


The first word is only wrong.


The first word is only wrong.


Having difficulty in understanding


What is actually 이 used for?


i get it but the comments r making me confused like ???


What is the difference between 빵 and 책 ?


Why 얼 not used here?


It's really confusing


I can't understand this


Hii hey here is bts army?


We are missing some many usefull grammar at this point. I feel korean is lacking compared to other languages in duo. Just imagine Yoda talking. - Sentence structure: Subject(subject marker) topic(topic marker) verb (politness marker). - And: ~과 (gwa) (place at the end of the noun) - Or: 또는 (ttoneun) -subject marker: ~이 or ~가 (add the the subject, consonant or vowel ending) -topic marker: ~은 or ~는 (add the the topic, consonant or vowel ending) - verb conjugation politeness (add after verb): 1. Super friendly: no ending added 2. Standard: ~요 (~yo) 3. super polite: ~니다 (nida) -Some letters have 2 sounds depending where they are in the syllable block and in the word.(ex:ㅈ,ㅍ,ㅂ...) -A word i at leat 1 block of 2 letters. A block can have up to 4 letters( i havnt seen more atm) -A word is always consonant, vowel, consonant... Or vowel, consonant, vowel... - A phrase can become a question with voice intonation, no question word needed.


what's the difference of 책이야, 책은 , and 책을? as far as i learned, 들 is used for plural, does 을 work the same?


In one case book is different then other


Its too difficult yrr

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