November 23, 2017

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which is the difference between "pardon" and "scuze"?


"pardon" seems more like "excuse me" whereas "scuze" seems more like "i am sorry". however im not native romanian speaker so this might be incorrect


Pardon is excuse me, whereas scuze is sorry.


Interestingly, scuze looks like excuse. :)


Exactly! It can mean excuse me in Romanian too, have checked.


"Pardon" translates to pardon which means excuse me and "scuze" translates to sorry


Interestingly Americans and ESPECIALLY canadians very often say "sorry" when what they really mean is "excuse me "


Oh we do it in England too, more's the pity. I say sorry when I need excusing, and I say sorry when someone bumps into me. British!


Sorry should translate to Pardon as well should it not? I got marked wrong.


because it said "sorry!" it seems like "scuze" is more fitting. "pardon" is more like apologizing when you dont quite get what someone is trying to say, or it can also be synonymous with "excuse me". "sorry!" (or "scuze!) sounds more like apologizing because you, well, feel sorry.

however im not native romanian speaker so please do take my input with a grain of salt


Oh dear, this is confusing, and over something so simple really. I would have gone with the opposite explanation to most people here. Your definitions are right, but am sure they can be interchangeable, as in English. For me scuze is to excuse myself when I want to squeeze past someone, like "disculpe" in Spanish. Pardon is what I hear people saying in English/England when they didn't hear what someone said, but of course this is a French word simply meaning "sorry". You should say "what (was that)?" or even "come again?". I used to cringe when I would hear my dear late father (born 1912) say "beg pardon?". Anyway, cela ne se fait pas. It's like saying "serviette" instead of napkin. Pardon is one of a number of ways to say sorry. I also say "sorry" when I didn't hear something more often than anything else.

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