"Where is the train to London?"

Translation:Où est le train pour Londres ?

November 23, 2017

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Why is it not " à Londres" as it was for "à Paris" ?


If you were to say "I am going to Paris" that would be expressed with the preposition à : Je vais à Paris.

However, there are instances when pour is used, such as indicating travel direction.


Il est parti pour Ottawa.
He left for Ottawa.

Voici le train pour Rouen.
Here's the train to Rouen.

and, of course:

Où est le train pour pour Londres ?
Where is the train to London?

Also, Il a acheté un billet à Paris means "He bought a ticket in Paris". In this sentence, à has the function of indicating your current location, like in Je suis à la maison. For this reason, you use pour to indicate travel direction.

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