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  5. "我每天刷微博。"


Translation:I scroll through Weibo every day.

November 23, 2017



Note: Technically, 微博 is just microblog. So any kind of microblog (including twitter) would count as 微博. But later Sina beat everyone in this area in China, 微博 now means Sina Weibo exclusively.

There are still other similar microblog sites in China (which are mostly half-dying), including one owned by Tencent.


"I check Weibo daily" was rejected but I think it's ok


Can the word 刷 also mean to browse instead of check, like 'I browse Weibo everyday.' If not, then what word would browse be in Chinese?


"Browse" is currently accepted.


LOL, pleco translates 刷 as "scrub with a brush" :)


It's a similar motion with scrolling/swiping through posts.


Also used to mean swipe, such as you do with a card bearing a magnetic strip when reading it.


Scroll can be transitive when referring to apps/feeds/social media. "I scroll Weibo every day." should be accepted.


I browse Weibo daily should be ok?


I put "I am on Weibo every day." Like on the computer or on Facebook. Not sure if it works here though, didn't pay close attention to 刷。


Is it incorrect to say: “I every day scroll through Weibo”?


Not really. It's awkward word order, and a native English speaker would virtually never say it that way. (However, it doesn't strike me as absolutely wrong.)

"Every day" normally goes at the end of the clause, or it can go before the subject. (The latter would be less common for this sentence. Another less common option, but pretty normal-sounding and much less awkward than your version, would be to put "every day" right after the verb.)


Though it's absolutely not the way it would be said in English, this is pretty common for Chinese. The time frame often comes right after the subject, like "I today will go to the store" (我今天要去超市) or "You tomorrow have free time?" (你明天有空吗?).

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