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  5. "二十元"


Translation:Twenty yuan

November 23, 2017



Why does yuán sound like 'gan' here?


You have to listen more careful, it sound for me exactly like "yuan" :)


It is being spoken fast, if you listen closely it is still being pronounced yuan


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Why does yuan sound like gan here?


My guess is it's a phonetic shortcut given the sequence of sounds. Those claiming it sounds exactly like 'yuan' as pronounced in isolation are smoking the good stuff IMHO. :)


No, it is yuan2. Try google translate or another site and use earphones. Duolingo isn't the best with the correct pronunciation within the context of sentences but I find them not bad in this section, possibly because they are really short sentences.


How does Google Translate have anything to do with the audio in Duolingo? :)

Maybe people hear this differently depending on how well their brains are trained to register the various sounds. With your 20 rating in Chinese I dare say your brain is a lot better wired to turn the sound into what you expect it should be, than mine is. I assume I'm just hearing the raw sound for what it is (or what I perceive it to be), until my brain is trained enough to map it to "yuan".

Of course, the processing of external stimuli is very subjective. It's amazing what the brain can do to one's perception of reality. Google "gorilla selective attention test" for an example.


Interesting theory, I have difficulty understanding certain English accents. There is also research, from what little I remember, supporting the theory that babies are born with the ability to speak the intricacies of every language but lose this ability once they pick up languages, and so it follows that the older you are, the harder it is to learn a language.

In all honesty, being fluent in Chinese, I find the speaker kinda annoying sometimes with all the inconsistencies in pronunciation or just in general so I turned it off in settings after completing the tree.

The accent here is leaning slightly towards what is known as the "Beijing" accent, which sounds "rounded" and with what sounds similar to rolling "r"-s. There are other clearer ones, and I'd recommend the "Taiwanese" accent for it's clear and "clean" pronunciation.

Take note, if you do watch videos and such, that they have names for things not used, only used in figurative speech or rarely used, elsewhere, e.g. 勒色 for 垃圾 and 铁马 or 单车 for 自行车 or 脚车.

As for google translate, it is usually my go-to site, which really says nothing about it's accuracy but merely convenience and accessibility.


Hey there! Duolingo newbie here. While I agree that it does sound like yuan, I understand how it may sound like gan to people beginning to learn the language. I studied Chinese from prep to HS and am here to refresh my knowledge on the language. Not the best way to do it as my focus is more on the characters as I deem that my accent is already good, but it's an easy and accessible app and still helps!

My suggestion would be to place a slower option in order to accommodate people with different learning paces. :)


What does "RMB" mean?


人民币 is the Chinese currency, but you say 一元 (formal, like one dollar) or 三块 (informal, like three bucks) so literally "yuan".


No, it should be “dollar” as a common currency. It did NOT mention is it RMB, so it should use “dollar” instead of “yuan”.


Great theory, aside from the fact that the Chinese don't use dollars; they use RMB.


Ah, I became confused because this is how the course views it.

It is dollar here, I actually think it has to be Yuan, at least.


Right mouse button


anyone know why "20 ¥" is wrong? does it not mean twenty yuan?


I think that it would be better if pin yin were always to be placed with the Chinese characters for a better way to recall the intonations as well.

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I hear "quai" much more than "yuan." Is that other folks' experiences here? Thanks!


It's kuai4 and yes, same here (in China).


Why is he pronouncing yuan as "yan" ?


He speaks the "u" too but its a bit hidden. You have to listen careful to hear it :)


I think it sounds like yuan. It takes time to learn the difference, I guess. :)


I typed in 0 yuan by accident and it still gave it to me as correct?


20 yaun my first time saying it my brother interuppted


7200초 는 2시간 입니다.


When I am saying the words the chinese characters are eother red or green. I assume that indicated which ones I pronounced correctly or not. But even if I have a red in there it still lets me pass. So am I saying it wrong or not?


it didn't even say what yuan meant because i haven't gotten to that yet.


is 2 pronounced as 'aarrr'?

[deactivated user]


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    "ar' rather than 'er', 'she' rather than 'shi' using english phonetics sounds more convincing.


    I think the letters they use,beside the chineese characters, are called pin yin, and as I understand it, they are not supposed to be phonetic. So this course (to some of us) is in a way a multi language course! Learning two different alphabet systems at the same time.


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