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  5. "一千四百块。"


Translation:1400 yuan.

November 23, 2017



One thousand four hundred yuan isn't the same as 1400 yuan? Hahaha.


You should also accept kuai if you are going to accept yuan. The last question wanted me to translate kuai and told me that kuai was an acceptable answer.


If 'kuai' is common or casual word for yuan, then ' 1400 bucks' should be accepted as well, since 'bucks' has the same function.


In my college Chinese courses, we were taught that Yuan and RMB were essentially interchangeable. Shouldn't either be accepted?


yes it is but not for duolingo!


I've always used yuan, rmb and kuai interchangeably .. if the question says kuai, shouldn't the answer be kuai?


1,400 yuan should be accepted. Duo didn't like the comma. "Typo" only at least.


Ling is skipped here. Why?


Cant I jist write the number without the cireency next to it. People also talk about money without always saying 1400 DOLLARS


Most of the questions accept "kuai" as an answer and they all should. Kuai is informal like "bucks." If they want yuan they should use the character to indicate formality.


Why does 1400 dollars not work?


Because you wouldn't translate euros as dollars ... At least not without a mathematical transformation to create equivalency. One dollar is worth about 6.5 kuai. Both kuai and yuan are currency names and used as English words.


kuai is the equivalent of using "bucks" in English for dollars - If you are using the character 块 then that is the intended word... if you want to have it tranlated as yuan, then use the character 元。Both are legitimate names for the currency.


I wrote 10,400 yuan and it said i was correct but with a typo. I feel like thats a pretty big typo...

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