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  5. "My jsme ženy."

"My jsme ženy."

Translation:We are women.

November 23, 2017



Why do certain phrases start with "My" while others just say "Jsme"? Can you always skip the "My"?


Very often you can skip it, provided the meaning is clear and the word "my"/"we" is not stressed, it is not the main information being delivered.


Why didnt accept we are women?


As you can see above, it is the main translation. Most likely, you had some typo. Always double- or even triple-check your answer and if you can't see a problem use the report button.

I had to remove tens of invalid reports. Mostly "man" instead of "men", "woman" instead of "women", "an" instead of "and" and similar. We have hundreds (in on skill) or thousands (in the whole course) of reports like this. It takes most of our time when looking into reports.


It didnt accept we are woman


Please, if you want to ask something, post an actual question. I normally delete comments like this one.

womAn is singular, womEn is plural

"we are woman" is incorrect English and cannot be accepted.

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