"A lovely purple stone set in silver"

Translation:Une jolie pierre violette montée sur argent

November 23, 2017



Why is “monter” not a drop down option for set, not to mention “sur”? One can easily understand “monter” as it means mounted, which is what happens to gemstones; however, having it as an option would be helpful. “Sur”, on the other hand, is not obvious since it is generally understood to mean “on” not “in”. Even with the words as option, it not a given that learners would get it correct, but they would at least have a fighting chance.

February 4, 2018


Where, in the name of all that is sane, does DL find all these ridiculous phrases? I am struggling to imagine how anyone could find this useful, and am wondering just what is the point.......

December 21, 2018


to set a stone = enchasser/sertir une pierre (précieuse)... A very important word/verb for all french learners!

February 4, 2019


Could you not say montée en argent?

November 23, 2017


If you say en argent, it means (made) out of silver. As a native, I will understand that the stone is a silver stone.

November 23, 2017


Okay, I propose : "Une ravissante pierre violette sertie dans de l'argent", I am told it is : "Une jolie pierre violette sertie sur de l'agent" Now I do understand the thing about dans/sur, but seriously ? Agent ? This isn't James Bond x) Also ravissante is a perfectly valid word ^^

January 13, 2018
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