"Будьте здорові!"

Translation:Bless you!

November 23, 2017

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Cab you use it, if a person sneezes?


Yep! In fact, if you want to use "bless you" in a religious context, "будьте здорові" will not work. Будьте здорові is what we say if someone sneezes. It literally means "Be healthy". Read my other message in this thread though, because in this form it used only formally (or in plural).


Is this for male, females, or just a neutral greeting?


"Будьте здорові!" is for "ви", so can be used addressing a person with whom you would normally use the formal "ви"; or when addressing a group of people in an unlikely event they all sneezed together.

"Будь здоровий" - male, "ти" form

"Будь здорова" - female, "ти" form

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