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Favourite word in a foreign languge

What is your favourite word in a foreign language?

Mine is œuf, in French! It can be any language even one not on duolingo.

November 23, 2017


[deactivated user]

    My favourite words in Korean are 봄비 (romanized: bom bi) meaning spring rain and 아침 식사 (romanized: achim sigsa) which means breakfast. One of my ultimate word favourites is fika, in Swedish. It's a verb that means: have coffee.

    These three words just sound so lovely, at least to my ear.


    Yay, it is the goal of all Swedes (literally every single one of us) to make fika an international word :-)


    I like the word " Deutschland ". It is german ( it means germany ). I like that word because that's the place where I will live in the near future. And it sounds cool



    Or in IPA, /jaχʷəɬʼanəʁa/

    This Circassian word means success. Not only is the language immensely difficult, pronouncing this word correctly is also a success of its own.


    How do pronounce this word? Thanks.


    Kilig (Filipino-Tagalog) the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. Consider having a long eye contact with your crush and she smiled. Then sometime later, when you see your friend, you will go shake him like a coconut tree because you're so much kilig.

    Gigil (Filipino-Tagalog) Nope, it's not giggle, but it is similar. it is the irresistible urge to squeeze someone. (maybe out of cuteness or anger). We Filipinos sometimes go "Gigil mo si akó" when triggered and wanna puch you on the face. "gigil" is a weird contronym :/

    Sobremesa (Castillan Spanish) the still ongoing conversation after a meal

    Meryenda/Merienda (Spanish-Filipino) basically to go snacks on 10am or 3pm (not exact, it could be from 10-10:15 or even until 10-10:45 or 15:00-15:15)


    There is one word that transcends many languages. It has many meanings based on context. Brings smiles, anger and shock to any conversation. This word is not allowed, but everyone knows it.


    I actually have two in Spanish. Novia and Novio.


    Theluji. That is Swahili for snow. This word is the reason why I got interested in the language in the first place.

    I also like kaninchen which is German for rabbit.


    Desdibujado - blurred. I like it because dibujar means "to draw" and DES-dibujado is kind of like "un-drawn". It's Spanish.


    I like the Esperanto words Krokodili, and Kabei. Both are verbs, but their meaning is so complex, it boggles the mind that these words, though small in size, can communicate gigantic thoughts. Krokodili means to speak your native language when Esperanto is more appropriate. And, Kabei, means to leave the Esperanto movement suddenly, after having been very active before. Also, the Klingon idiom of chab chu’ always makes me smile, chab chu’ means new technology, but one dialect pronounces it as chan chu’, or new pie.


    I love the English word "Blur". For some reason, it has a beautiful sound and writing :)


    In french, I like the word "presqu'île" which means "peninsula", but translated literally it's "almost island" (I think), I just find it funny! I also like "dimanche" (sunday in french) because of its beautiful pronunciation.

    [deactivated user]

      My favorite word is in Dutch: schildpadden! It means turtle! I think it is fun to say, and hey, who doesn't love turtles? My favorite word in Greek(out of the ones I know): Meraki! I think it sounds festive and colorful, even though it it only a word.


      I really like "sorprendentemente", which is Italian for surprisingly! It's got a nice bouncy rhythm to it.

      I also like "chwerthin", which is Welsh for laughing. I feel like it's a word that accurately represents what it means.


      Yes,”chwerthin” has a nice sound! It sounds like an abreviation.


      In English, anything involving tea. Tea lights, tea towel, tea biscuits, tea... party.

      In Italian - incantevole, which means fascinating or enchanting.

      My favourite German word is any word that ends in -keit, because then I know it's feminine!

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