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  5. "我们在学汉语。"


Translation:We are learning Chinese.

November 23, 2017



"we're studying chinese" was rejected and should be accepted I think


I think not because "we're studying Chinese" would be "women (zai) xuexi hanyu." "To study" is xuexi and the xi is the same hanzi as in xiguan.


We are studying Chinese should be accepted


Why is 在 here? Is it like 正在?

[deactivated user]

    在 here is being used to indicate an ongoing condition/operation.


    More common than the latter. I think 正在 is some pretty heavy emphasis.


    在 is here because you are studying or learning chinese now and continue to learn it. 正在 has the same meaning


    What's the difference between 汉语 and 中文?


    Strictly speaking, 漢語 refers to the spoken language and 中文 refers to the written language. But in everyday speech, this nuance isn't very important. I hear 中文 most of the time and I usually use that word when I refer to the Chinese language. 國語 is another popular way to refer to Mandarin Chinese, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 普通話 is the formal way to refer to Mandarin Chinese in mainland China.


    Apparently people in China never use 汉语, and it makes it sound like you are learning it as a second language (which is fine for a class, not for actual China). Duolingo emphasizes 汉语 but if it was really about functional language it would be emphasizing 中文.


    Shouldn't "We are studying Mandarin" and "We are learning Mandarin" be accepted?

    [deactivated user]

      "We are studying Chinese" should be accepted.

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