Hello, does anyone know how to say 'my chicken nugget set on fire and I started to cry'

November 23, 2017


Bonjour Katiex001, je suis française et ton histoire m'a beaucoup émue. La traduction de ta première phrase est (Hello Katie, i am french and your story touched me a lot. haha The translation of your first sentance is ): "Mon nugget au poulet a pris feu et j'ai commencé à pleurer".

Le traduction de ta deuxième phrase est (The translation of your second sentance is) : "Ma mère est tombée dans les escaliers hier, c'est à cause d'elle que mon nugget au poulet a pris feu. Je m'en fichais de ma mère. Je voulais vraiment ce nugget au poulet et maintenant je ne peux même pas l'avoir, je suis tellement furieuse".

Have a nice day ;)

Sorry broski not too sure but I'll find out soon if I can be arsed x x x

Okay, if you don't know how to say that will you tell me how to say 'My mum fell over the stairs yesterday, she was the reason my chicken nugget set on fire. I didn't care about my mum. I just really wanted that chicken nugget and now I can't even have it, I am so mad.'

Wow! What a truly touching story. Personally, I find it very relatable and will give you a lingot to support you in this time of desparate need.

Thank you, but can you please translate it, I would like to say it to my mother just so she knows how frustrated I am with her, makes it sound better if it is in French

Non, je suis très désolé

Это непослушное слово

Это непослушное слово

Give me your nugget and no need to cry.

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