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Учиться и изучать

What's the contextual difference between these two? Could someone please give me some examples of usage? Yes, I did google it and technically know the answer, however I'd like to grasp this concept in a more organic way, which is better when learning, at least for me.

Большое спасибо!

November 23, 2017



To study - учиться, учить - в детском саду, школе, институте, танцевать, читать, физику, проч. Второе значение «изучать» звучит несколько странно. Не говорят,- Он изучал физику в школе. В школе учат. А изучают в исследовательском институте. To learn (хотя и переводиться как «учить») означает - приобретать умение, знание. He studied (учил) computer science in college . He learned (узнал) some new facts about computers. He studied ( учил) driving in school. He learned (получил знание,умение) how to drive a car.


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@gabzerbinatoEng, I think you'll like multitan, a dictionary by a translators community. It's a living thing, the guys try to keep it up to date, but the downside is that at times nouns get into verbs section or vice versa, but that's minor and easy to figure out at your level, and then it gets corrected.

You look up one, then look up the other, and from the difference in the varieties of meanings you get the gut feeling of what's the difference between the two. (I often look up English words there pursuing the same goal of grasping concepts in an organic way.)

Comes with loads of usage examples, including entire phrases) in dozens of fields.

Have fun!

And hey, I'd appreciate a feedback on whether you liked it or not, really.

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