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Help me out to choose.

Next year I can choose to learn German or Spanish at my school and I don't know which language to pick. Please help me decide and comment down below which langue you think I should do.Also which langue you like the best between those two.Thanks!

November 23, 2017



Try both languages here on Duolingo and see which one you prefer.


Which language would you have the greatest opportunity to use? Which one just feels right? Which teacher is better for you? Where are your friends going....will that distract you? What do you want? Good Luck Jaclyn Mart 5. Enjoy a Lingot.


When choosing between languages, there are so many factors you can use to decide:

  • Learning options – less of a factor for you since you'll be getting the courses at school, but both have extensive online resources. Do you have easy contact with people who speak these languages (to practice)?
  • Difficulty level – there are studies about this, search Google if you're interested. May also depend on your native language (e.g. if you're French, Spanish may be easier)
  • Personal Preference – which do you like more? do you think sounds nice? interested in the culture? etc You could try * widle* suggestion and try them both here
  • Interests and Future Goals – any career goals? studying abroad? planning on studying engineering in Germany? Tourism in the mediterranean? Going to South-America?

If all of this means nothing to you, go for 20Xray's suggestion, flip a coin =p


Try Spanish. It is simple and its helpful if you live in America.


Try Spanish! It is fairly simple, there are many cognates, and over your life you have probably picked up a few words here and there that can definately help you. I'm in Spanish 1 at my school and it's been fairly easy because of cognates. :)

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