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Why do some posts automatically redirect to 404s?

I'm genuinely confused.

For example, take a look at this post. (It's called "The real reason why Duolingo does not have a Finnish course (and sorry for having to re-post".) If you look across the forums, you can see that the post exists:

One of the weird things is it says "6 days ago". However, when I click on it, I'm immediately redirected to a 404. This also happened with the original thread. I'm curious: why do deleted threads stick around on the forums? If they're not deleted, why do they redirect to a 404?

(Also, if anyone can view the thread successfully, can you post a screenshot of what it says? I've been curious since the original post.)

Edit: The user just tried again, and it still redirects to a 404. What's happening?!

Edit: It failed again!

November 23, 2017



The "6 days ago" is easily explained by switching the forum.

I wonder if that post has something Duo's maturity filter has deemed inappropriate. I'm not saying Mari is swearing or anything but anyone who remembers uploading immersion articles knows computers censor the silliest things.

Or maybe the staff keeps 404ing it so no one will find out the truth behind the Finnish conspiracy.


Perhaps Mari should change the title and try posting it again, or keeping the title and instead providing a link to a Pastebin, or both. Perhaps it will work then.

[deactivated user]

    I think it could be:

    1: Got downvoted out of the stream 2: Got upvoted back into the stream 3. It returns to the top!


    The comment numbers are different on all three links. scarcerer is correct, they keep moving it to hide the truth!


    This happens because they use a bad program code of their bad word filter.


    It is finally visible! Hooray! :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25318135

    And thank you for making this post. :)


    Yes, that does happen to me. Although, if I close the tab and return to a post that has the error, then I'm able to see the post. Also, when I post a discussion, I get a 404 error, but then the post is fine when I re-load the page.

    So, I guess it has to do with a malfunction caused by the maintenance?


    This is a wild guess, but could it be certain contentious words like d_mb, w_r, conspi_acy, c_rrupt, free_om that could be causing Mari's post to be flagged as inappropriate, hence the 404?


    Only one way to find out

    Edit: really, Duo? Problem identified


    It would be ridiculous if it was for bad language, I've seen posts that are 99.9% swear words get through without an Error 404.


    I've been wondering the same thing about the same post. Usually deleted posts disappear from my timeline, just not this one, maybe it's another bug from that discussion maintenance from 2 months ago?

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