"There is not enough demand for this product."

Translation:Er is niet genoeg vraag naar dit product.

11 months ago



Why not: Er is niet genoeg vraag hiervoor product Indeed hiervoor is offered as a possibility in the hints. Likewise, why not - over dit instead of naar dit.

11 months ago

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"Demand for" is always vraag naar in Dutch. Hiervoor is another way of saying voor dit, in English "for this" and sometimes "of this." Hiervoor replaces the object, so "...hiervoor product" is not correct Dutch. You could say "voor dit product" but not together with "vraag," as "vraag voor" is not said in Dutch. For example: Hij betaalt voor dit product = He pays for this product. The same sentence with "hiervoor" would be "Hij betaalt hiervoor."

11 months ago
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