"Matěj se nás předevčírem ptal, jestli jsi někdy byla vdaná."

Translation:Matěj asked us the day before yesterday whether you had ever been married.

November 23, 2017

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The day before yesterday Matej asked us if you were once married.

Once, as in at one time.


could you explain the difficult construction" predvcirem" please? I understand so far that "vcera" is declined like inst. "devcirem" because of preceding "pred" correct?


Předevčírem is an adverb so there is no declension happenning here. It is more like "přede" (before) and "včírem" (that does not really exist separately). Basically it is "přede" + "včerem" as if "včera" was a noun. But it is not, so do not get confused about that, it is also an adverb.

The word has just one form and you have to learn it. The form is: předevčírem.

Včírem on its own can be actually rarely met in old texts, but I suggest ignoring it.


very complex, but only an adverb!! deceptive language ! Thank you very much for your help!


"Matěj nás předevčírem pozadal, jestli jsi někdy byla vdaná is that also correct?


No žádat/požádat is for the ask=beg/request, not for the ask=query some question.


I guess then that Ptat se could be used?


That is exactly what is used in "Matěj se nás předevčírem ptal".


ah , Yes. sorry., Was just thinking and wrote down my thoughts.


Why is ".. jsi byla .." instead of ".. jste byli .." used ("nás" is plural)?


I am a native American English speaker. I was marked wrong for translating this sentence as "Matej asked us the day before yesterday whether you had ever married." I had omitted the word "been" before "married". However, both translations are perfectly acceptable in English. I think my translation should be accepted as well.


Opinion: I am also AmE, and I'd bet that "...whether you had ever been married" and "...whether you had ever married" are used pretty much interchangeably in the US most of the time. But they are different constructions, perhaps with one closer to the Czech original, and that may be the reason why only one is accepted.

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