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  5. "她最近买了一辆新汽车。"


Translation:She bought a new car recently.

November 23, 2017



I wrote: Recently, she bought a new car! But Duo rejected it and corrected it as: She recently bought a new car! Go figure!


Now that is silly that duo did that you should report it .


她 and 他 are homophones so typing the wrong one shouldn't be punished if this sentence is given as a listening exercise. Most homophones can be identified with context but there's literally no context here.


This is an issue in a lot of sentences.


I believe it can't be fixed because of the way duo works. I think duo can't have an audio linked to two different sentences, which means it can't handle homophones like this properly


Yeah might be that reason.


Got this as a listening exercise and "他最近买了一辆新汽车" was rejected, which is bogus.


We previously saw 新 (xīn) in:
新 (xīn) = new
鲜 (xiān) = fresh/bright/delicious
新鲜 (xīnxiān) = fresh

新 (xīn) = new
闻 (wén) = to hear/new/famous
新闻 (xīnwén) = news

Other uses are:
新年 (xīn nián)= New Year
新手 (xīn shǒu) = new hand = novice


I understand that "l'" (5th character along) turns the previous character into the past tense. So does the second 'classifier' turn new into very new?


了 isn't really past tense. It is better to think of it as indicating something has changed. This is pretty good youtube video here that explains it a little better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM7xy3ESaEI


could you also translate it to "She just bought a new car“?


Recently, she bought a new car should be acceptable


"Recently she bought a new car" seems like it should work.


What part makes it a new car? She could have bought a used car.

I think it should be "She recently bought a car".


Nm, I thought it was xing instead of xin


Does anyone else believe that this listening exercise should have two correct answers: one that begins with 他 and one that begins with 她? Because you can't know which one is meant until you fail at least once, have memorized this particular exercise from before, or peek at the word bank (which I'm trying to avoid in order to learn to recognize the words better by ear).


Why it is not "yi liang xing DE qi che" like "ke ai DE niao" ?


she brought a new car recently - should be accepted


There is no way I could hear this from the audio – really badly chopped up during the recording

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