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Why do you learn another language.

For me it's 3 resons. 1 Because my dad is Mexican 2 Because I want to know all 3 mane languages 3 And Because I want to use chinese words cange them and make them spells in my majic novels.

November 23, 2017



I want to know more about the other cultures, I think that talking to people is the best way to know about another culture so to talk to them I learn their language.

Also I really love to read in French so I wanted to know more about other writers from different countries and read their books in the original version.

Being a polyglot has always been a dream for me, I'm really interested about how languages work, how some have appeared, how some disappeared. I'm really sad to know that some languages are in danger because of the lack of native speakers.


I have multiple reasons. One reason is I've always wanted to learn Spanish, and they haven't let me into a Spanish class so I want to be ready. Another reason is many, MANY, of my friends are Hispanic so they will randomly say stuff in Spanish and I want to understand. But the biggest reason is my boyfriend comes from a Hispanic family so multiple of his relatives only speak Spanish and I really want to be able to communicate with them.


Yes I know I follow the other discussion just like this!


I did it so I could learn more and more resons!


Ah, I see. Well, I guess you re-learned a reason.....


that is really great, I wish you good luck with your language learning!

I adore languages, culture, history, and different countries.


I wanted to do better in my French class and someday I want to go to paris just like my parents. Also my friend said it was realy fun but she quit(even though I don't think you can quit)


Reasons, not resons, main, not mane, change, not cange, and magic, not majic.


Perhaps this is the reason why one would learn a language like English...


Jag älskar att lära mig nya språk! Jag känner mig lycklig när jag kan tala många språk!

I love learning new languages! I feel happy when I can speak many languages!

Μου αρέσει να μαθαίνω νέες γλώσσες! Νιώθω χαρούμενη όταν μπορώ να μιλήσω πολλές γλώσσες!

Adoro imparare nuove lingue! Mi sento felice quando posso parlare molte lingue!

Learning is my life!!!!!


I'm learning Norwegian because I have a norwegian girlfriend, and one day I hope to ask her to marry me in her own language.


I learn because it helps me learn more about cultures, and because I would like to be an overseas linguist.


I've started German because I enjoy German authors very much and want to read them in their own language. I'm a translator (from Greek), so I know how much can get lost in translation!


I started learning french because:

1) I chose it over spanish and mandarin as my elective 2) My mom encouraged me to do so

I'm continuing learning it because:

1) I love it! It's so fun and I think it sounds fancy 2) My best friends take it as well. Useful if you need help, or just to practice conversation skills. 3) I try to always follow through on things I start


Also I love travelling and would like to visit France someday

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